The Heritage Of Harrogate Sulphur Soap

The Uk’s leading sulphur soap from The Harrogate Sulphur Soap Company has been specifically formulated to care for problem skin. All our products contain sulphur and hand drawn water from Harrogate Spa to help cleanse the skin with an antibacterial action, and vitamin E to protect and moisturise.

The Harrogate Sulphur Soap Company has been long established in many markets worldwide, From South East Asia, the Middle East, USA, West Indies and Europe all enjoy the therapeutic qualities of Harrogate Sulphur Soap’s range of Therapy & Beauty toiletries.

Our Concept… Your Lifestyle

We advise that to get the best out of our products, they should be used in combinations and in the same way you would use similar products in your everyday life.

In the morning, showering or bathing and washing your hair and cleansing and moisturising your face. If you have a specific problem area then apply our Sulphur Cream. During the day we have our range of soaps, The Original for medium to greasy skin, or Citrus Spring for medium to dryer skins.

The Products

High Mineral Content Spring Waters

In the 19th century the local pharmacists made their own soap. It was so effective because of the high mineral content of the spring waters. These waters became famous throughout Europe and it was primarily the Sulphur Well known as the ‘Stinking Well’, which was renowned for its therapeutic qualities.

Harrogate Sulphur Soap’s products are a direct descendant of this memorable historical period. All Harrogate Sulphur Soap products contain sulphur and spring water drawn by hand from Harrogate’s Old Stinking Well. We also add Vitamin E. The new toiletry range (Citrus Spring bar soap, Shampoo, Bath Crystals, Body Wash & Sulphur Cream) all contain essential oils. Additionally; Our Sulphur Cream is pH balanced. None of our products contain coal tar or steroids.

Our combination of therapy & beauty means that our products can be used safely by all of the family. Our range means we can provide a ‘Lifestyle’ regime of skin care. We advise daily usage to promote a healthy & protected skin.

Harrogate’s Spa Heritage

Harrogate’s rich Spa heritage dates back to 1571 with the discovery of no less than 88 mineral springs, more than anywhere in Europe, Harrogate then achieved Spa status.

In the 19th century local pharmacists made their own soap in Harrogate, so effective because of the high mineral content of the spring waters. These waters became famous throughout Europe and it was the Sulphur Well known as the ‘Stinking Well’ renowned for its therapeutic properties. Harrogate Sulphur Soap products are a direct descendant of this memorable historical period.

Company History

Philip Walker – The Owner Of The Harrogate Sulphur Soap Company

I started work in Harrogate in 1981, for an export company. At that time we were selling one style of Harrogate Sulphur Soap mainly to the Far, Middle East and Africa.

We re-packaged the product but still had the one style (the Original). Our first major export was to Thailand and my Thai customer persuaded me that we needed another fragrance, hence ‘English Garden’. Later we completed the ‘Original’ range with Victorian Rose and Spring Water at that point we only sold to Thailand, other export business was very small, as I was concentrating on building my other company.

After a couple of fruitless years of travelling (mainly in the Far East) I decided that our packaging was poor and needed revising. I also added a toiletry range to make our offer more credible. Since then we have added more markets, and our future potential looks very promising.

The Soap

The Harrogate spring waters were/are famous in England for their healing powers, particularly the skin, and it was the sulphur well otherwise known as the ‘Stinking Well’ which became the focal point of the treatments that were named ‘The Cure’.

Our soap is a direct descendant of this historical period in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Harrogate. Our soaps contain the very same spring waters, hand drawn from the same well that was so famous hundreds of years ago. As do all of our new products.

We specialise in alleviating the symptoms for Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and other problem skin conditions.


Harrogate Is A Wealthy Residential Town In The North Of England

It is a conference and exhibition town, with many tourists visiting and using it as a base for exploring the Yorkshire Dales and other famous historical Castles, Cathedrals and Villages. Many American citizens visit Harrogate as there is a large US base just outside of the town.

Historically Harrogate’s rich spa heritage dates back to 1571 and it became England’s first Spa. Harrogate has 88 mineral springs, more than anywhere else in Europe. It rivalled the fashionable European Spas of Homburg, Marienbad, Carlsberg and the rich and famous from all over the world – politicians and statesmen, playwrights and artists, members of the nobility all came to Harrogate seeking ‘The Cure’. The Lords Byron and Tennyson were frequent visitors, as was Charles Dickens who described Harrogate thus; “The queerest place, with the strangest people in it, leading the oddest lives”. In 1911 the town was host to three European Queens; Queen Alexandria, her sister the Empress of Russia and the Queen of Portugal.

Today Harrogate is synonymous with elegance, quality and refinement. – A final word from Thomas Garnett MD in 1792;

“Harrogate Sulphur Water has a deservedly great reputation; the water from the springs affords relief from gout, rheumatism and digestive ailments – though it is for skin treatment that it has become most famous”.

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