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About Harrogate Sulphur Soap

Learn About The Fact & Benefits Of Harrogate Sulphur Soap

The Facts About Sulphur Soap

Sulphur is good for ALL skin, not just problem skin. Sulphur is a vital mineral, which we all need in our bodies it is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial, it is known as nature’s beauty mineral.

Active sulphur’s therapeutic and curative qualities will tone, care and repair the skin. All Harrogate Sulphur Soap products contain sulphur and spring water drawn by hand from Harrogate’s Old Stinking Well. We also add Vitamin E to the new toiletry range (Shampoo, Body Wash and Sulphur Cream) all contain essential oils. Additionally; Sulphur Cream is pH balanced.

Our combination of therapy and beauty means that our products can be used safely by all of the family, we advise daily usage to promote a healthy skin lifestyle regime and more importantly NONE of our products contain coal tar or steroids.

The Facts

  • Sulphur is widely used in the managed care of a variety of problem skins.
  • Sulphur stimulates the body’s natural healing powers, causing a general improvement of symptoms
  • Sulphur has been used to treat problem skins for decades and still remains a valuable constituent of problem skin care ingredients. Even from the time of Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine – sulphur preparations have been used to treat skin conditions.
  • The first signs of a sulphur deficiency are dry skin, and brittle hair and nails. Other symptoms may include sore joints and muscles, diabetes, headaches, allergies and fatigue.
  • Sulphur is found abundantly in keratin, a protein that strengthens hair, nails, and skin.
  • Sometimes referred to as “nature’s beauty mineral”, sulphur plays a role in the production of collagen, a protein that helps keep skin elastic and healthy
  • Sulphur creams have been shown to reduce the increased sebum production, while ridding the scalp of itchy scales.
  • Sulphur is an effective treatment of inflammatory pimples.
  • Active sulphur’s therapeutic and curative qualities will tone, care and repair the skin

Your Body With Sulphur

Sulphur is a mineral present in every cell in the human body, with its greatest concentration in hair, skin and nails. It has also been called the “healing mineral” because of its ability to promote circulation and decrease inflammation.

Sulphur baths, and other forms of sulphur applied directly to the skin, seem to benefit psoriasis, eczema, acne, dandruff, folliculitis (infected hair follicles), warts, and pityriasis versicolor (a chronic skin disorder characterised by patches of skin that differ in colour from the usual skin tone).

Researchers and Dermatologists have worked hard to find different methods to treat skin problems. During the research, it has been found that Sulphur can be used to help. Sulphur is a Keratolytic agent that helps to shed dead cells. Dead skin cells are responsible for blocking the skin pores and creating the conditions necessary for acne causing bacteria to multiply. Compound sulphonamides of sulphur help in retarding the growth of bacteria. Sulphonamides limit the acids in bacteria that are responsible in the reproduction of the bacteria, therefore making sulphur a good agent to treat seborrhoea, acne, eczema and psoriasis conditions.

Topically, sulphur-rich creams are used to treat problems such as scalp conditions. It has been particularly successful in treating Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.

All of our products are suitable for family use, and all skin types, but especially suitable for those people who may be prone to Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and other skin conditions*

Skin Care

How Can Harrogate Sulphur Soap Help?

Sulphur Soap is not a medical treatment.
But can provide relief from symptoms and used in conjunction with medical treatment can be of real benefit to sufferers.

The Power Of Sulphur

For instance Acne is caused by bacteria that feed on build ups of dead skin cell and oil when your skin glands are overproducing oil. Sulphur cannot stop this process from happening. However, medical advice recommends that you softly and frequently wash infected areas to continually remove the build up of dead cells and oils that lie behind the disease. Some soaps, however, are more beneficial than others – and the power of Sulphur has been known since Roman times, when the first spa was established at Harrogate.

Sulphur is known scientifically as a keratolytic agent. In plain English, this means it encourages your skin to shed dead cells. As it is these dead skin cells that help to block your skin pores and create the conditions necessary for acne to flourish, frequent cleansing with a sulphur-based agent can help to lessen the symptoms. Certain compounds of sulphur – such as sulphonamides – are believed to retard the growth of bacteria by limiting the acids that they need to reproduce.

Sulphur is among the most commonly recommended of remedies for problem skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema and others.

Sulphur’s Critical Role

Eczema usually presents as a chronic condition of the skin with multiple symptoms.

Among these, the presence of inflamed, reddish and itchy patches on the skin is quite common. Sulphur is used in various ways for alleviating eczema symptoms.

Sulphur is actually a mineral, found in environmental sources such as hot water springs and volcanic ash. Among humans, sulphur is among the trace minerals, found in greater concentration in the nails, skin and hair. Sulphur plays a critical role in maintaining the elasticity of skin and maintaining structural integrity of hair and nails. Sulphur is also found in some natural food resources. Medicinal sulphur is extracted from mineral deposits of sulphur, like those found in salt water deposits.

Usually, skin that is excessively dry, peeling and accompanied by symptoms like brittle nails and hair is indicative of being sulphur-deficient. Many naturopaths recommend sulphur supplementation for various health conditions like painful joints, allergies and fatigue, since sulphur is integral to the synthesis of some basic amino acids in the human body.

The Curative Properties Of Sulphur

Sulphur is used for treating various skin conditions, wherein some form of inflammation is indicated. The curative properties of sulphur are attributed to the fact that sulphur:

  • Has inflammation-reducing properties and the ability to improve overall circulation of bodily fluids.
  • Disinfects blood by protecting the protoplasm found within red blood cells against toxins—sulphur is found in haemoglobin.
  • Stimulates the secretion of bile that is necessary for the proper breakdown (metabolism) of toxic substances.
  • Stimulates collagen formation, making the skin structurally stronger and better equipped to handle short intervals of dryness.

Apart from these, the most impressive feature of sulphur is its keratolytic properties—sulphur promotes natural exfoliation of the skin. This means that the dead skin cells plugging the skin’s pores are removed much faster, helping the skin to heal faster. This also prevents the build-up of bacterial infections in the skin. Some sulphur-based formulations are called sulphonamides. These are able to prevent the development of abscesses in scaly, inflamed skin and can treat seborrhoea that is often found during eczema breakouts. People suffering from eczema are recommended sulphur-based treatments and sulphur supplementation.

Can help relieve conditions like Psoriasis and other problem skin conditions

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